Shanghai Zhenhua Shipping Co. Ltd was established in March 2005 thirteen, the company registered in Shanghai City, Hongkou District Dalian road 557, 3 floor, room 8347, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, is a limited liability company of private enterprises.
      At first our only with domestic waterway transport permits, after more than three years of arduous pioneering, relying on the wisdom, diligence and good faith, with glory and dream, with senior management layer has many years of experience in navigation, the scale enterprises gradually increased, business also gradually towards the internationalization of the business form change, senior management personnel also gradually increasing. Up to now, the company achieved international and domestic waterway transport, freight forwarders and shipping management, such a scale has reached China shipping industry of private enterprises of medium scale.
      Our company has completed the construction and operation of the international navigation area deck cargo ship to Xian 2 round: length 118M, width 26M; domestic airlines the deck cargo ship to Xian 10 round: length 102.6M, width 21M; domestic airlines to Xian 11 round: length 147M, width 21M, total capacity of 18159 ton.
      The company continues to expand, and the unlimited area of large transport has a unique mode of management, especially the cooperation with COSCO, management and transportation they are the international top level, it makes our shipping, top management and international shipping industry is closer. In overseas, in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Europe, Australia, South Africa and North America region for the radiation 8 points to shipping routes as a link, formed in all major regions of the world multinational business network.
      Company in manning and management, strict according to the requirements of the STCW78 / 95 convention to ensure every ship is equipped with competency, the holder, the health of the crew. In the management, in strict accordance with the provisions of the company safety management system, strengthen the ship and shore information communication and feedback, to ensure the safety of navigation and safety production.
      Company business philosophy, strengthen market awareness, grasp the pulse of the development; optimize the management system, pay close attention to production safety, improve the management level. Seize the opportunity and challenge in the development in the steady, achieved a hitherto unknown business success. Today to the constitution, has accumulated a strong strength, development of the accumulation of resources, stimulate the vitality, to the constitution will meet the challenge, dare to compete, adhere to the scale on the benefits of unity, to strive for innovation, trying to initiative, strive to management and meticulous, the fleet bigger, the enterprise stronger.